Pricing Options

Did you know there are over 200 cars available today that cost less than your mobility allowance? The remainder of your allowance will get paid directly to you. This makes the lifetime costs of running your vehicle extremely cost-effective.

At Holdcroft, we help you transfer your mobility allowance to Motability Operations Ltd making payments easy and straight forward. When getting a new car, your mobility allowance gets paid directly to us with the remainder going direct to you.

Advance Payment

How does advance payment work?

The advance payment is a one-off payment made upfront in addition to your weekly mobility allowance. With many models available of all types, sizes and prices, your mobility allowance may not cover the cost for some larger and more expensive cars. These cars are allocated with an Advance Payment which represents the difference between the amount your mobility allowance covers over the three-year agreement period and the overall cost of the car you choose.

The Advance Payment is not a deposit and is therefore non-refundable. If an Advance Payment is required, the amount is fixed at the price available when you order your car. The amount is payable in one lump sum to your Motability dealer either before or on the day you collect your new car.

What about optional extras?

Adding extras to your vehicle such as air conditioning or electric windows will increase the amount you pay upfront as part of your advance payment. Feel free to ask for a free quotation beforehand and we'll run through the options with you to make sure you stay on your budget.

If you are a WAV customer , your WAV converter will be able to give you a price for extras such as parking sensors or separate air conditioning controls for the back of the vehicle. But please note that payment for these will be dealt with separately from the Advance Payment.

Any adaptations ordered will be outlined in the customer acceptance letter we send with your PIN. The cost of any adaptations, less any grant awarded, is payable directly to your dealer together with the Advance Payment before you take delivery of your car.